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Sunday, November 20, 2011

NASCAR Audience boos Michelle Obama and Jill Biden.

Not too sure if I like this, considering they were there with a vet and his family. If Mary Antoinette Obama and Jill Biden were there for a useless photo op, then I wouldn't mind hearing them get booed. But they were there to advocate for an important cause (getting more vets hired) and I don't think it was proper to boo them.

Then again, there are about a bajillion Youtube clips of half-crazed, homicidal libtards booing and hurling abuses at George W Bush.

And have you heard anyone boo Laura Bush? Her Southern charm could melt the hearts of even the coldest and meanest of bloodthirsty liberals.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so good with that either. But I guess the Nascar fans remember Obama's contempt for them. Yah! How can you not like Laura Bush.


Sweetface24 said...

Haha yeah, I remember his clinging-bitterly-to-guns-and-religion comment. What a doofus. And I wonder if the genius who booked them to this NASCAR event got fired. Such a horrendous idea. It was like George Bush showing up to a San Francisco anti-war rally. So ridic.

Laura Bush is so awesome, even the libs couldn't disrespect her. I saw her on Rachel Ray once and Rachel Ray was totally smitten with her. Like she was all "You bring sooo much heart to the White House!" Which, of course, was a bit of an insult to President Bush but yeah, Mrs Bush is so classy. If that were me I'd have bitchslapped her.