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Monday, August 8, 2011

Maybelline Hello Kitty Volum Mascara Limited Edition

Isn't it cute? My cousin knows how obsessed I am with limited edition things, so she sent me this Japan-exclusive mascara. It's available only in Japan and other Asian countries, but according to this blog, you can still get it on ebay.

The design is absolutely gorgeous. It's cute with a little bit of sexy thrown in! I'm also loving the pink. You just can't go wrong with pink, no matter what shade it is!

This type of wand was created to separate lashes. It does a bit, but the formula is quite thick so if you go over two coats you are bound to get clumpy lashes! It gave my lashes great length, but not enough volume. It also clumped up a bit and I had a hard time fixing that mess! Still, it's a good product when it comes to lengthening and separating your lashes.

After working nine hours, here's how my lashes looked. Notice how it clumped up a bit? And my eye was a little red from an irritation. (Not from the mascara, but from some cheap-o eyeliner I tried on a few moments before I took this photo!)