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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lola Cosmetics Lipsticks

I finally hopped over to the department store and bought two lipsticks from Lola Cosmetics. I couldn't resist the Duo Lipstick in Naughty/Nice even though I wasn't digging the cherry/pink sheers. I was hoping the colors would be more intense, since the lady at the counter said she was wearing the exact same lipstick and it looked nice on her. More about the lipstick later. One of the things I love about Lola's lipsticks is the awesome packaging.  The top half of the case has a built-in mirror for your vanity needs. Lola's packaging is not as elegant as my Tom Ford lippies, but hey, why am I even comparing the two? They're in totally different tiers.
The other lippie I got is from the Lip Sheer line, which has a solid nude color. It also has a built-in mirror with the words There's a little Lola in every woman inscribed on the bottom lid. The shade is called "Toy", and it's going to be my new bestfriend at work! I don't wear reds or corals to work, but all I've had for the past few months are reds and corals! So I'm really happy to finally have the perfect nude lippie to bring to the office!

So let me start with Lola's Duo Lipstick review. Naughty/Nice isn't anything special. These two tones just can't stand on their own, but I must admit they look better together. "Naughty" is a light shade of cherry red, which gives your puckers more of a bitten look than a fully plumped-up one. In fact it reminds me of E.L.F.'s Cherry Bomb Lipgloss. I guess "Naughty" will appeal to those who aren't into smokin' hot red, and may prefer something more subtle. On the other side of this two-toned lippie is "Nice", which is a semi-frosty shade of pink that makes me look completely washed out when worn alone. It just doesn't have a lot of punch to it. It's a little disappointing, yes, but it's not the product's fault. It just so happens the color selection doesn't suit me, but I do like the pinkish-red color they give my lips when used together. Smells sweet, too!

My other Lola lipstick is Toy, which has a pink-nude color that matches me perfectly. I'm just beyond happy to have this! Totally worth my hard-earned money. I've been looking for the perfect Nude for a long time now, and I finally found it! Not only does it look natural, it feels like smooth butter on your lips too! I wanted to know why it felt so nourishing, so I scanned the back of the box for the list of ingredients and lo and behold, this lipstick is loaded with antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, and E)! That makes me fifteen different shades of happy! It means I can wear it without a moisturizing lip balm.
Staying power is supposedly good, but it does fade a bit within two hours. Still, it's one of my favorite lipsticks now and I can't wait to check the other neutrals in Lola's Lip Sheer line. (Click Read more for pictures.)

 The girl at the counter was nice enough to give me freebies!! A little ball-shaped plumping lipgloss and a red pouch! :) The free plumping lipgloss is awesome. It reminds me of DuWop's Lip Venom, except Lola's has more bite to it. Seriously. After applying a thin layer of gloss, my lips started to hurt. I know that's what lip plumpers do but gosh, it was pretty bad. And I loved it! Here's how it looks like:

So fun.


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