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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating & Mattifying Pressed Powder (Update)

Update// After two hours or so, this expensive illuminating/mattifying/war-ending/peace-giving powder oxidized to a shade darker than my natural skintone. Which sucks because it's pretty expensive and doesn't have any refills. The oilier my face gets, the more orange I look! It's just too bad, because I've come to really like this powder. It doesn't get cakey even when I'm layering it over a thick cream (like sunblock), which most other powders tend to do. I decided to give it another chance today- I used it to pat my t-zone after I've blotted it. While it left a small dark patch on my nose, for some weird reason, my chin and forehead didn't oxidize. I hate to do it, but I like it enough to get a new one in a lighter shade. It just blends so well.

Here's one of my Guerlain hauls. It's suppose to be really great for oily skin, which is why I bought it! It's also part of the famous Meteorites family, which makes the product (for me!) more exciting.

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Without flash....

As you can see, the case is quite lovely, but I can't help but feel a wee bit disappointed. It may have a shiny, gunmetal coloring, but it's made of plastic. I believe that the price of the product warrants a sturdier metal case, and it could at least be refillable, but unfortunately Guerlain doesn't feel the same. Yes, it isn't refillable, so you will have to purchase a new compact once the powder runs out.

Now as for the powder itself, I got the perfect shade in Teint Dore. Don't expect this to have any kind of coverage - it's simply a touch-up powder. It comes with a soft pink and white puff which is great for quick touch-ups, but a powder brush works just as well. It didn't get cakey or clump up into small patches on my face, even when I applied it over fifteen layers of thick, creamy sunblock! The powder is finely milled, and the beautiful rosette design doesn't vanish right away. In fact, after several sweeps of my brush, it's still there! If only this were refillable!! Or less expensive!! For the price, I really expected a sturdier case. It's a great product, but I'm not sure it'll end my hunt for the perfect mattifying powder.