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Monday, August 8, 2011

30,000 Christians Attend Rick Perry's Day of Prayer

So how do you feel about this? I'm pretty religious: I believe in God and I can barely stand atheists, but for some reason I can't bring myself to trust Rick Perry. Maybe it's because he criticizes my hero, George W Bush, whenever he can, but I'm seriously not digging him. Still, it's pretty brave of him to hold a prayer rally.

I remember watching TCT (Tri-State Christian Television) one afternoon back when GWB was president (yeah, I know!), and one of the hosts said he was very happy that America had a president who was not afraid to show his love and respect for Christ. Though Rick Perry is no GWB, at least he is not afraid to embrace his faith publicly, and I admire him for that.

GWB still pWns him though.

Photo courtesy of The Guardian.

The Guardian:Rick Perry's call to prayer draws crowd of 30,000
t was billed as a day of prayer and fasting to halt America's national decline, and about 30,000 answered the call, flooding into Houston's Reliant stadium for a seven-hour marathon which blended Christian revivalism with hard-headed electoral campaigning.

There was plenty of prayer: some of the faithful stood with arms held high in supplication, others danced trancelike in the aisles and still more lay spreadeagled on the floor.

The fasting was less conspicuous: long queues formed at Prince's Hamburgers, Tejas Nachos, Five Star Dogs and other fast-food stands inside the cavernous arena.

The rally on Saturday marked another step towards the launch of Rick Perry's presidential campaign, giving the governor of Texas a national platform for the first time, with 250 reporters and camera crews covering it.

More importantly, it virtually guaranteed him the support of the Christian evangelical movement, with its network of volunteers and finance, plus a large bloc of votes in Republican caucuses and primaries.

Perry, 61, who is in his third full term as governor, has still not officially announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination. But whenever he does – he is expected to declare his intentions this month – he will likely become the frontrunner for the nomination to take on Barack Obama next year.

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