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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vanilla Obsession.

I am ridiculously obsessed with all things vanilla. I know it gives some people a huge headache, but not me! I will love hard anything that smells and tastes like vanilla. So when an Yves Rocher store opened near my home, I had to hoard their vanilla body soap!

I have a gazillion of these! That's how obsessed I am with vanilla. And this soap is heavenly- it's moisturizing and lightly scented at the same time. It lasts a while even when used once or twice a day.It's a really good deal.

Check out Yves Rocher's vanilla lip balm and The Body Shop's Spiced Vanilla lip balm after the jump!

My other Yves Rocher product is its vanilla-based lip balm. I don't like this too much. First of all, the packaging sucks- it's this little glass pot with a plastic cap and a cheap-looking sticker on it. Ugh. Second, the product itself isn't that great. It doesn't moisturize too well and feels quite heavy on the lips. What I hate most about this so-called lip balm is the white cast it leaves behind. I know it's made of wax, but c'mon. It also does not smell and taste like vanilla, which makes the whole thing pointless! Boo.

Now moving on from Yves Rocher...

I love The Body Shop. I'm a loyal member and I use some of their products faithfully. So just imagine how happy I was when I saw their holiday-exclusive Spiced Vanilla Lip Balm. Unlike the Yves Rocher edition, Spiced Vanilla actually smells and tastes like vanilla (with a bit of spice, though that quickly fades away!), which makes me a happy camper! I'm so taken away with the scent and taste of it that the fact it doesn't moisturize my lips doesn't bother me at all. Heck, I like it enough to not care about the waxy residue it leaves on my lips.

I can definitely see this working for vanilla addicts like me, but for those looking for a good moisturizing lip balm, you might want to look elsewhere. (And not at Yves Rocher.)