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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Iran the Hypocrite

This is beyond funny. The chairman of the Iranian Joints Chief of Staff is urging Obama to prosecute George W. Bush and Tony Blair for violating human rights. This dude has got to be kidding, right? Bush and Blair liberated millions of people from oppressive regimes, thus making them champions of human rights! They took down Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, weakened al-Qaeda, and installed young democracies in Afghanistan and Iraq. Because of Bush and Blair, young girls in Afghanistan can now get an education and become part of the government. As for Iraq, it has a real shot now at being the beacon of democracy in the Middle East. But nooo, apparently some people believe that gassing thousands of Kurds and dumping hundreds of Iraqis in mass graves is totally fine, but waterboarding terrorists and saving human lives is not. Hypocrites.

"The current president of the United States should be a pioneer in putting Bush and his criminal colleagues on trial," Firouzabadi was quoted by Iran's state-funded broadcaster Press TV as saying. "Otherwise, he will be named as a criminal along with Bush and Blair."

The Iranian general said the so-called Arab Spring was a sign that the hawkish foreign policies of the previous U.S. administration had failed.

Iranian lawmakers announced in May that they slapped 26 U.S. officials, including former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, with unspecified sanctions for alleged human rights violations.
Why am I not surprised that this dolt is calling for a criminal investigation of Bush and Blair just days after the Human Rights Watch organization released a report urging President Obama to investigate Bush and Co. for making terrorists miserable?

Why on earth aren't these people outraged over what Saddam Hussein did, or what the Taliban is still doing? Throwing acid on women's faces and cutting off their noses and ears is nothing compared to fake-drowning a dude (who actually deserves to drown.) Why do these human rights groups suddenly hush up when Iran hangs a gay guy or stone a woman to death? This is why I can't take these human rights people seriously. They seem to have different standards for everybody.