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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Update: U.K. asks U.S. to free Guantanamo residents. "This change of policy is extremely welcome, especially if it signals a bigger change of approach on both sides of the Atlantic," James Welch, the legal director of the civil rights group, Liberty, said in a statement. "Surely the U.S. and U.K. governments need no further evidence that internment, kidnap and torture have been completely counterproductive in the struggle against terrorism. It's high time that the special relationship returned to its original values of defending liberty rather than degrading it."

By the by, why are civil rights groups oddly quiet when al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations execute innocent Iraqis or decapitate innocent foreigners or execute captured U.S. soldiers? Where's the outrage from these lovers of liberty? So some terrorist guy vanishes for a while and ends up in Gitmo- and the whole world erupts in anger. Well Staff Sergeant Matt Maupin is still missing (since 2004), as well as two other U.S. soldiers. Again, where's the outrage? (Or maybe I'm just ignorant! Hawhaw!)

Update: In the Valley of Elah movie trailer. This anti-war film is bound to excite the anti-war crowd, naturally. Synopsis: A retired Army veteran and his wife search for their soldier son, who was reported AWOL after returning from Iraq. The father, however, is led to discover that his son was murdered by members of his own platoon after a rowdy night on the town. Based on a true story.

I hope this film bombs. But since quite a number of retards from Hollywood love to exploit the misfortune of others, I bet this film will win an Oscar. No, make it three Oscars, with the powers-that-be making sure that the coveted Best Actress Award is extra-polished and more golden than the sun, just so it will look nice and perfect in Susan Sarandon's hands. Ugh. I just read the film's IMDB message board and it seems that majority of the posters believe that returning Iraq war veterans are a.) homicidal, b.) potentially homicidal, c.) brainwashed enough to engage in cover-ups of homicidal cases of fellow soldiers. Well gee!! By the by, this movie will open on September 14. Well I'd rather wait for the Patreus Report to come on t.v. Anyway, here is Slant Magazine's film review. According to the mag:

In one video, which has Mike cruelly sticking his finger into the bloody arm wound of an Iraqi man, Hank catches a cholo scowling at the camera and, in a bizarre leap, fingers the young Mexican as his son's murderer. More inexplicable is an earlier scene during which Hank notices an American flag hanging upside down in front of a school.

Update: Russia fired a missile at Georgia? AP- Relations between the two ex-Soviet nations are tense, and Georgian officials have frequently claimed that Russian military aircraft violated its airspace—accusations Russia has always denied. Moscow is angry about Georgia's plans to join NATO, while Tbilisi accuses Russia of backing separatists in its breakaway provinces and trying to destabilize Georgia.

Update: VIDEO: al-Qaeda allegedly training in Gaza. Jihad music is really annoying.


Dave said...

I used to be such a big fan of Tommy Lee Jones. Oh, wait... Aren't he and Al Gore good buddies?