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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Cpl Mason's Message to the Democratic Congress.

A warrior, a hero, and now an angel.

"...This is the time in our lives that we're making history... and this is our moment. We chose to come into the army, knowing that we would probably be sent over here, but we chose that anyway. Because we choose to believe that the patch that we wear on our right shoulder stands for something that is greater than ourselves, that's greater than where we're from...And it's for those reasons that America is the great nation that it is. It's the reason that the world is taking a turn for the better... So we're happy to be here. We're happy to be here on the sucky days, we're happy to be here on the good days. We all look forward to coming home and enjoying the freedoms that I've taken for granted, the things that I just overlooked...But it's all good and everything's going great...You just have to ask yourself what would the world be like without the influence of America in it..."

Cpl. Mason was killed on November 28th, 2006 by Al-Qaeda Terrorist forces operating in Iraq. He was laid to rest December 12th 2006, exactly thirty days after making this video statement to the Democratic Party Leadership.