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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Michael Yon's latest.

Another great post from Michael Yon. Thank God for independent bloggers like him, we are able to see the bigger picture in Iraq. I'd watch more of CNN, but they rather focus on Paris Hilton's jailtime, Anna Nicole Smith's death, Lindsay Lohan's latest car crash, and Hillary Clinton's husband, Bill. That's fine and all, but... argh.

From Michael Yon: (A tired soldier sleeps on the ground.)
Making sacrifices...

It was close to 120° the day I took this photograph. When it’s that hot, the wind blows like a hair dryer in the face and it’s hard to drink enough water—just keep schlucking it down. Some of the soldiers go more than ten days without a shower, all while wearing great amounts of gear and often sleeping in baked-on filth. But when the fatigue of fighting and clearing dangerous ground catches up, the heat is secondary. Soldiers this tired will sleep on hot, broken glass, or in this case, on the ground outside a blown-up building.

Colin Powell, John McCain, and all others, were absolutely correct when they said that no other generation is greater than this generation of soldiers. I can only dream of possessing the same amount of courage and strength these men and women clearly possess.


Matthew said...

Just found your blog, Danielle. Impressive.

I am particularly encouraged by the fact that you're a young, feminine lady and a student who apparently does not fall for the line that nearly everybody else in your position falls for. Keep up the good work, the good thoughts, and the good fight.