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Wednesday, August 1, 2007


High-street fashion couldn't keep its hands off the origami-inspired Moon Dress. I just knew it was coming and I was right: A high-street knock-off was simply inevitable! After all, Roland Mouret's latest creation quickly emerged as the must-have dress of the season after former Spice Girl, Victoria "Posh" Beckham, wore a pink version of the coveted dress in one of her hubby's highly-publicized, highly-anticipated, doomed-to-fail-in-the-long-run soccer events. The knock-off, however, is simply not as good as the real thing:

Designer         High-street

Anyway here is a really good article on the "fashion war": Clare Coulson's Why designers are declaring war on highstreet homage. The knock-offs are simply gnarly... but not as gnarly as:

Trainwreck Britney


Sigh. Hollywood really screwed her up. More crazy-fugly Britney Spears photos here. In other news, a group of crazy Muslim extremists, who call themselves al-Qaeda, released a poorly-made, extra-cheesey web advertisement threatening anyone who would listen- America and Pakistan -that a big surprise is coming. Well in my opinion, al-Qaeda is no match for President Bush and Condi Rice. Just saying.