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Thursday, July 12, 2007

CNN is a bitch.

Update: Everyone should listen to Rihanna's new song, Shut Up and Drive. It's catchy as hell and the video is awesome... in a weird way.

I have a new bottle of Chopard perfume! Yay!!!

And does this little clutch look cute or what?

That made me haaaappy, but my good mood was crushed after watching CNN. I watched President Bush's delivery of the interim report on the benchmarks Congress created for the Iraq War. Eight out of eighteen were satisfactory, another eight were unsatisfactory and two were inconclusive. Considering that this new strategy has only been in place for about three weeks, I say the glass is half-full.
The journalists were rude, as usual, but President Bush handled it well. He made a lot of good points as well but nobody gave a fuck about any of that. Can you believe they want U.N. peacekeepers to replace U.S. troops in Iraq? That's just bullshit and we all know it. They will not be able to handle the insurgency- at least not as well as the U.S. military, the very same military that took down the "unbeatable" Taliban government in just a short period of time. Besides, the U.S. troops have already forged bonds with their Iraqi counterparts. Why screw that all up when the Iraqis are clearly making progress?
This is what the anti-Bush crowd wants the government to do in Iraq (at least according to a Democrat congresswoman):

Embed Iraqi Troops with U.S. troops to better train them.
Keep a number of U.S. troops on the ground to root out al-Qaeda.
Eventually withdraw from Iraq.

Sounds like a good plan, hey? But isn't that what they're doing in Iraq RIGHT NOW?? And since the military has done a good job, CNN had to attack them in another way. So after Bush's speech they brought in "political analysts" who gave one-sided arguments, including an English bloke who basically implied that U.S. troops love to murder Iraqi grandmothers. Then, of course, they followed it up with an "Iraq Veteran Speaks Out" segment- a piece about crimes committed by U.S. soldiers on the ground. Are they trying to butcher the military's image now since their performance has been more than satisfactory on all levels? Fortunately, I doubt anyone can lessen the prestige of the U.S. military. They will always be "worldwide superheroes" no matter what atrocities they may have committed in the past or, hell, in the present. And I believe it's because nothing can outweigh the sacrifices made by U.S. soldiers- not even shitty stints by a few bad apples like Abu Ghraib or however the fuck you spell it. They're all over the world doing what no other country wants to do- and that is rooting out all the bad guys and ultimately saving the day.

Bush's speech. Try to listen to it without bias. Also, military deaths during the peaceful Clinton years exceeded Iraq's battle losses: Iraq is not Vietnam.

And the Red Mosque siege is FINALLY over. Al-Q in North Africa, however, seems to be stirring some trouble, while eight or ten Philippine Marines were decapitated by Islamic extremists. See the kind of enemy the WORLD is facing?


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