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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Can't wait for football season!

I know this blog has sort of died so all I'm going to say I'm glad that whole basketball thing is OVER and football season is getting closer! Yay TEBOW!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes. I love the football season.

I suppose you gotta post more often to keep the blog going. Some may think the pro-Bush thing may be passe'. I don't think so when you juxtapose Obama's failures against conservative policies. If you keep pressing those buttons......

The beauty and glam component of the blog is helpful when buying stuff for my wife. It's good to hear an opinion rather than a sales pitch.

Maybe you could add some entertainment stuff. I think you did at one time.

Maybe I should do the twitter thing. But I dunno. I like to keep a certain amount anonymity. What's your twitter handle if you care to share?


Sweetface24 said...

Yeahhh do the twitter thang, mine's ! you don't have to post personal stuff, a lot of people on there just use weird pictures for their profile pics hahaha

you can follow a lot of conservatives there too, that's how i mostly get my news now!

Joseph said...

Splendid- got your Twitter handle! Now I can stalk you there too!

lastsamurai57 said...

Wow, your Blog got me to say, Wow, a GWB follower, make up specialist, conservative conversations and, Football lover, yes! Hope all is well, do you do Fantasy Football leagues? I try about 6-10 per season, intense but fun. Fav Team? Aloha.