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Friday, November 11, 2011

George Bush Speaks to 8000 Christians

How can you not love George W Bush? I still adore him. I still think he's the best president evah, even better than Ronald Reagan. I also love how he's unashamed to proclaim his faith, unlike the dude that it's in office right now. Go George!! Read the article below!

George W. Bush speaks to Christians in Sevierville

SEVIERVILLE (WATE) - Former president George W. Bush was in Sevierville Wednesday night, but he wasn't talking politics. He was sharing his faith. It's not the first time. He also came in 2009 as part of the same Christian Celebrators conference.

The speech by former president Bush was part of a four-day adult Christian conference at the Sevierville Events Center filled with worship, inspirational speakers, and gospel music. Wednesday night's event was billed as a patriotic service, but not political.

Ticket holders started lining up at noon for good seats and when the doors opened at 5:30, the line was around the block.

"We're here to see George Bush tonight," said Melba Smith from Poplarville, MS. "I think he's an outstanding hero. He hasn't gotten the credit he should have gotten."

Security was tight with local police, secret service, even SWAT. We caught a quick glimpse of the former president's motorcade arriving.

Mr. Bush spoke for nearly an hour.

"I thought it was marvelous. It was just so wonderful," said Mary Higgins of Crossville afterward.

"I think it was an outstanding speech from him. It just restores my faith in a president who has a great faith and that's one of the reasons I think he was so successful," said Rick Erwin of Port Arthur, TX.

"He said he was glad to be out of office. He said it was some tough decision making the eight years he was in, but he said the hardest decision was when he had to send someone into harm's way. He said America was still the greatest land there is," said Roger Caldwell from Columbia, SC.

Tickets to the four-day conference cost $125, not including meals and lodging, and it was a sold out crowd of more than 8,000 people.