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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Heartbreaking: 31 US Troops Killed, Including SEALs From Team 6

Update: Statement from Obama:
President Obama offered condolences to the dead. "Their deaths are a reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices made by the men and women of our military and their families, including all who have served in Afghanistan," said Obama in a statement. "We will draw inspiration from their lives, and continue the work of securing our country and standing up for the values that they embodied. We also mourn the Afghans who died alongside our troops in pursuit of a more peaceful and hopeful future for their country."
That's it? That's all he's going to say? How about "We'll get the f*ckers who did this!"?? I'm sorry if I sound so pissed off but that's how I feel right now. If GWB were still president he'd say something really heartfelt and genuine, like "We'll get them- dead or alive!" But no. Obama is no George Bush, unfortunately.

I cried after reading this! I can't believe this happened- 31 brave heroes were killed after the Taliban shot their helicopter down. And what is Obama going to do about this?? Because I really want to know! Like the bloggers from Hot Air, I am hoping that this is just an isolated incident, and I'm trying to find some comfort in the fact that we've seen much bloodier numbers in the past... but good Lord, I can't find solace in any of that! Right now there are 31 mothers whose hearts will be broken, and this is all because of the Taliban! They should've been nuked from their caves years ago! The US Military should avenge them- I know they will.

For the past few months everyone has been focused on the US debt, cutting spending, balancing the budget... yes all these things are important, but not as important as the lives of the best and the bravest! For those who are still dreaming for a major cut in Defense spending, or cutting and running from such evil enemies just so you can tell the whole world how fiscally responsible you are, think of these brave men and what they've laid down their lives for!

HotAir: Horrendous: 31 U.S. troops, most from SEAL Team 6, killed when Taliban shoots down helicopter

Thirty-eight are dead in all, including seven Afghan troops who were aboard. As many as 25 of the Americans were SEALs and a majority of them reportedly were from Team 6 — the same unit that got Bin Laden. Whether any of the men on that mission were killed today, the White House hasn’t said (yet). In almost 10 years of war, it’s the single deadliest incident for U.S. soldiers by far, and these were the very best of the best. I’m trying to find solace in the fact that those numbers are small compared to terrible days in previous wars, but I’m not finding it.

The cause: A Taliban RPG.

Update: At least 20 members of Team 6 are dead. It’s the biggest loss of life the unit has ever suffered.

Update: According to Fox, there may be as many as 300 men in Team 6. The unit hasn’t been wiped out, but it’s obviously suffered a grievous loss.

Read the entire HotAir article here!


Anonymous said...

That's just a bit too fluffy for my taste. I bet Obama would love to kill those guys but he hasn't got the guts to say so. He wouldn't want to upset his base. That's what you can expect from a "boy" president.