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Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Defense attorneys José Baez and Cheney Mason celebrated their victory with a champagne toast at Terrace 390...

OMFG. I just about teared up after hearing the news. This is just completely tragic, and those dumb lawyers that stood up for Casey Anthony should be ashamed for celebrating like a bunch of coked-up teens. I hope to God Casey Anthony has a miserable afterlife- what she did to her daughter, to her own parents is unforgivable. I mean, accusing your own father and brother of molesting you?? Look at the kind of disgusting lies she threw at her own family:

Lead defense attorney Jose Baez was criticized by many legal pundits for his strategy and loosely throwing around allegations of molestation and incest. Baez suggested early on that Casey's father, George Anthony, helped cover up the drowning and sexually abused his daughter, accusations the father vehemently denied. Baez also claimed Casey's brother might be Caylee's father and that a meter reader who discovered the girl's remains may have moved them, more allegations that weren't substantiated.

And worst of all, she kept lying about Caylee's death! How can this woman live with herself? How can she even smile, knowing full well her daughter is dead? I am just completely blown way by this case. I can't help but grieve for poor Caylee and her grandparents, who must be very devastated right now.

Check out this picture from Drudge. I can't believe this bitch has the gall to smile- her baby is dead.

Sick, sick, sick! Wanna bet she's got a reality t.v. show in the works? I hope society doesn't go easy on this b*tch, and those damn jurors better seek penance for themselves. Ugh.

RIP Caylee! :(