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Saturday, March 29, 2008

OMG. Obama wants to DISARM America.

IDIOT. And, as pointed out, word on Obama's intentions (concerning America's defense) need to get out. Because this guy... is just friggin' scary. Post this video on your blog, or send it around when you have some free time.


Anonymous said...

Yup. IDIOT is right! Negotiate with the Russians? Like they would honor any agreement. What a totally naive dumbass. He failed to mention the Chinese. I can't say enough about what a stupid **ck this guy is. You can only negotiate weapons reductions from a position of power. He dosent want to spend money on unproven weapons...Then how the hell do you prove them? Nuclear weapons are a reality. You can't wish them away. We're not living in fantasy world Obama(Maybe you are but you don't know it). The only hope of getting rid of nukes is to develop a system that makes them obsolete. Missile defence is imperfect but it's much better than laying down your weapons and to hope that your potential enemies will do the same. It has never worked in the past. I bet every scumbag dictator and terrorist in the world is praying for an Obama presidential win. This whole line of talk parallels the disaster of the Jimmy Carter Presidency. Americans deserve a Commander In Chief, not a wimp whom has only a marginal like for his country.


Sweetface24 said...

I know, I get nervous just thinkin' about an Obama presidency. No doubt al-Qaeda will cheer and fire their guns in the air when he starts dismantling the military. It's so sad.