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Friday, November 9, 2007

From IraqPundit: When Good News is Bad News.

When Good News is Bad News.
While the following good news stories may come as a great disappointment to many people, we Iraqis welcome the developments:

This Arabic story says Baghdad officials decided to reopen 10 main roads in the city by removing concrete barriers. This is in addition to last week's reopening of Palestine Street, which had been blocked for security reasons.

These Arabic stories say Deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh placed the first stone to rebuild Baghdad's fabled Mutanabbi Street, which had been around since the Abbasids -- until it was blown up by insurgents last March.

Before you start calling me names, let me say something. Nobody's saying everything's back to normal. This Arabic story says Nouri Al Maliki took a stroll along historic Abu Nawwas Street amid tight security.

I know those who are wedded to the idea of a failed Iraq are calling me a deluded idiot and worse. But things are improving slowly. My relatives in Baghdad say there's no comparison; things are much better than they were six months ago. They can visit friends in different areas and walk about the neighbourhood in the evening.

Frankly, I don't understand why so many mock us for wanting a future for Iraq. Is your hatred for George Bush so great that you prefer to see millions of civilians suffer just to prove him wrong?

It really comes down to this: you are determined to see Iraq become a permanent hellhole because you hate Bush. And we are determined to see Iraq become a success, because we want to live.


When will Nancy Pelosi's merry band of Marxist radicals realize that Iraq is, somehow, getting better??