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Friday, October 19, 2007

Lady Cats & Blackwater.

Diva sneakers on sale!

I love Babyphat and at the same time, hate it. I'm not too impressed with the latest arrivals- a little too hoochie for me -and I still remember the Babyphat earrings I bought which kept falling off my ears, so my disappointment with this brand is justified. But I do love their footwear designs. Just check out their Lady Cat sneakers, it's worthy of Mariah Carey's feet! Too bad I'm not into sneakers. I walk, strut, run and jump in high heels! This suits me more... but the Lady Cats look pretty tempting to the fashionista eye.
By the way, Babyphat now makes luscious bedding sets. If you're fabulous, you should check it out! I prefer the Asian theme- it's sophisticated and quite sexy -even if the White Mink suits my room better. Well, my white/pink room looks so lame now, but we're moving soon so I'll try to whip up an Asian theme for my new room. I'm excited to shop!

Anyway, I just watched Erik Prince's Q&A about the Blackwater shooting in September that left seventeen civilians dead. I usually find this sort of stuff boring, and it actually is, but I'm impressed with the way Erik Prince handled the situation. So far I find it hard to believe that they deliberately killed Iraqis, but there's still an investigation going on so I guess we'll have to wait til that one's over. 1873 missions and only 56 incidents- not exactly "cowboy".