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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The General Rules.

I'm outraged over the "General Betray-Us" ad by MoveOn.Org. It seems to me that these people will do anything, including destroy a great American patriot's reputation, to win the war they waged against President Bush. Shame on them. And shame on these fat, ugly, retarded people too:

Code Pink hijacked my favorite color and they are totally destroying it! Gee! Pink is a beautiful color that symbolizes all things pretty and feminine; It is not for old hags with saggy breasts who shriek like mentally-impaired chickens. Remember their Breasts Not Bombs escapade? Que horror! I bet any man would take a bomb over their icky breasts anyday. I'm sorry if I'm being completely evil, but they were disrespectful to General Petraeus and worse, they were screwing with my favorite color.
Despite the crazyness, General Petraeus handled it very well. He was calm, collected, and unflinching. He was pretty savvy too. The doubts I had about the new strategy completely disappeared after he delivered his testimony. I am convinced that the General's path is the path to victory.

CNN, of course, tried to make the General look like a liar. Jeeeeeeerks.