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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Muslim Day Parade!

While Muslim terrorists are killing U.S. troops in Iraq...
As well as their own fellow Muslims!

Well they have every right to hold a rally, I guess I'm just really angry right now. I'm tired of hearing about soldiers/Marines getting maimed, blown-up, or shot to death, by evil Muslim extremists. I wish the troops will get a huge, extravagant, blow-your-minds-out parade when they finally come home. They deserve it more than any group of people.... But until then, it seems that all the troops will get are strings of anti-war films from the Hollywood crowd. (To undermine their efforts at such a critical phase of the war!!)
I understand why people refuse to glorify the war, but is it so wrong to glorify the troops? Why portray them in the most pitiful fashion? The only Hollywood film that got it right was, strangely, The Transformers!

Update: al-Qaeda mass grave found outside Fallujah! Gross! 300 dead victims of those disgusting slaughtermaniacs were found in a house. Religion of Peace?? These terrorists are so deranged they can't even spare their own fellow Muslims! It's sad. These villagers did not have to die.