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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A MIRACLE: Bible saves Soldier's life!

Update: Confederate Yankee exposes another fake massacre in Iraq. Will journalists ever learn? I think not.

Via email from Major Rob Parke, U.S. Army:


This story is false. We have had coalition soldiers looking for the last two days at the locations that IPs reported these bodies. We've asked all the locals in the area and they have no idea what we are talking about. We've gone to areas that might be close, gone to suspicious locations, all turned up nothing.

Most of the news stories all say the report stated decomposing bodies which would indicate if it was true, it happened before we arrived. Considering we discovered an Al Qaeda Jail, courthouse, and torture house in western Baqubah, it wouldn't surprise me if there were 60 bodies buried out there somewhere. Bottom line is we have done some extensive looking and found nothing.

Read the rest of the story here.

A Miracle: Bible Saves Soldier's Life!
Breitbart -VIDEO: PFC Brendan Schweigart, 22, told his mother he always carried a Bible into battle. Little did he know, it would save his life.
"He was out retrieving a tank that had been hit, and he said at first it felt like a sledgehammer hitting him, and then they said he'd been shot," recounted Scott, "It was a sniper that shot him, he said, some kind of Russian gun." Schweigart was the only hit, says his mother, and only when doctors cut away his clothes, did they see his wounds.

"Through the back of the arm, his left arm, there's a hole going in, a hole coming out, and then one coming into the side of his chest and one coming out," she said.

But the bullet missed Schweigart's vital organs because over his heart, that day, was a Bible. Scott says it's the one he got at boot camp. The Bible acted as a shield, that trapped the bullet.

Jessica Weinstein: "Is the bullet actually in the Bible?"
Kim Scott: It's in the pages. It went through the pages of the Bible."

So while the Koran is being used by Islamic terrorists as a tool of death and destruction (e.g. martyrdom through suicide bombing, spree-killing, and whatnot), the Bible shields a Soldier from death. Which brings me to ask the question... what merits does Islam have to earn the title, religion of peace??