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Friday, August 31, 2007

FASHION: Silk Scarf.

My favoriteeeee!
It's my prettiest scarf! Floral overload!

A must-have accessory that is classic, versatile and stylish. I love floral designs on pure silk. I know that many girls prefer "cute" scarves, like that pink Burberry sh*t with a bunch of teddy bears on it- and I sort of like that too. But I still say nothing beats a silk scarf with a bunch of flowers on it! Teddy bears should be cuddled in your arms, not printed all over your scarf. And as much as I dislike Louis Vuitton (how disastrous can you get each year!), I must admit their Monaco scarf makes me drool. I actually prefer to see monograms stamped on a scarf than on a bag, provided the overall look is clean and simple.

Exhibit A:
From E-Luxury.Com

Now if you want a scarf that is both sexy and feminine, how about one that boldly mixes a snakeskin pattern with a rose print? Here is Nordstrom's Echo 'Floral Bouquet' Silk Scarf:


Wear it in many ways:
From Saks Fifth Avenue

Other patterns:
From E-Luxury and Nordstrom