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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Taliban kills one Korean hostage; Frees German.

Update: Taliban claims several hostages have been freed. These reports have yet to be confirmed!

Purported Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi claimed that one of the hostages had been shot and killed around 4 p.m., and a police official who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the situation said militants told him the hostage was sick and couldn't walk and was therefore shot.

Some of the 23 Korean hostages, meanwhile, had been freed and were taken to a U.S. base in Ghazni, two Western officials said who asked not to be identified. The officials did not know how many had been freed. The South Korean news agency Yonhap said eight Koreans had been freed.

Update: Taliban shoots male hostage.

KABUL (Reuters) - Afghanistan's Taliban killed one of the 23 Korean hostages on Wednesday after Kabul failed to free Taliban prisoners, a spokesman for the group said, adding insurgents would kill more if their demands were not met.

"Since Kabul's administration did not listen to our demand and did not free our prisoners, the Taliban shot dead a male Korean hostage," Qari Mohammad Yousuf told Reuters by phone from an unknown location.

Update: German journalist and two Afghans freed.

I feel sort of sleepy right now, but I don't want to sleep. Sleeping has got to be the most boring "activity" ever, and I don't want to be bored at all. Not on a beautiful night like this. It would be nice if I could go out and do something insane like order a huge greasy pizza with about five thousand calories in it, but I can't leave my puppies behind without anyone to watch over them. They're nasty, bratty little things that do nothing but claw at me when I try to act like the loving mother I'm not. Anyway, I think I'm about to fall asleep, but I really, really don't want to. I hardly ever remember my dreams anyway, and those that I do remember hardly make any sense. So what's the point?
Oh, by the way, you should read Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. She died at a concentration camp in 1942, but before her death, she was able to create a number of drafts on several stories she planned to publish after the war. She intended it to be a single novel divided into five parts. Unfortunately, she only finished a few hundred pages: These pages tell the story of several families, from different social backgrounds, who were fleeing the war (Storm in June) and the tragic lovestory between a French woman and a German soldier (Dolce). These two un-polished works were discovered by her two daughters over sixty-five years later, and were finally published in France. It is being hailed as a masterpiece.

Check out this beautiful animated film from the Soviet era...


Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger- mushroom, mushroom -badger, badger, badger...


Mister Ghost said...

Hi Danielle,
Until the U.S. takes care of those nations harboring the Taliban,
i.e. Pakistan and to a lesser extent Iran, then they will continue to do things like this, because areas such as North and South Waziristan in Pakistan, provide a refuge for al Qaeda and the Taliban.

You know, your blog always loads strange for me. I have Firefox, and up first is your photo -- I think this is your best picture yet :)
Then, I see the bottom of your blog, and then finally LOL, your
posts come up. And your blog always
has a different name. :)

The guy that does Badgers, also does the great Weebl and Bob. Mmmmm Pie.

Remember the soldier, who was shot by the deranged lefty, I believe I read that they released him from the hospital.

And a great Iraqi woman:

Dr. Rajaa Al-Khuza.

Danielle O. said...

Really?? I use Firefox too and it looks okay, although sometimes it gets effed-up. lol. I think I'll just change the layout 'cause it's always screwing up.
I love BADGERBADGERBADGER. Hypnotic. And yes I remember the soldier, thank God he's out of the hospital now!