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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Anti-war Hollywood.

A string of anti-war films will be released within this year and next. Paul Haggis, Susan Sarandon, Reese Witherspoon, Tommy Lee Jones, Ryan Phillippe are just few of the stars who hopped aboard the anti-war, anti-military bandwagon. From descriptions of these films, it seems that Iraq veterans will be potrayed as angry and murderous thugs or war-weary disillusioned PTSD-victims. I hope to God I'm wrong. From the New York Times article:

In the Valley of Elah: ...Before the night was over, one of them, Specialist Richard R. Davis, was dead of at least 33 stab wounds, his body doused with lighter fluid and burned. Two of the group would eventually be convicted of the murder, another pleaded guilty to manslaughter, and the last confessed to concealing the crime.

Stop-Loss: Kimberly Peirce’s “Stop-Loss,” set for release in March by Paramount, meanwhile, casts Ryan Phillippe as a veteran who defies an order that would send him back to Iraq.

Rendition: New Line Cinema will release “Rendition,” in which Reese Witherspoon plays a woman whose Egyptian-born husband is snared by a runaway counterterrorism apparatus.

Redacted: Brian De Palma’s “Redacted,” focusing on an Army squad that persecutes an Iraqi family, is to be released in December by Magnolia Pictures.

Of course, when "Valley of Elah" had one of its first screenings in Washington, Iraq Veterans Against The War "helped recruit viewers for the screening." It's a shame how these films will only makes things worse for the troops on the ground, but I guess they really believe that this is the Vietnam era. Oh well, at least The Transformers showed the troops in a good light!!