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Saturday, July 7, 2007

My puppy!

I am in a serious state of panic. I woke up at around four in the morning because my puppy wouldn't stop crying. Turns out she's about to give birth to new pups! I hurried over to the vet- 4 a.m. -in my pajamas, and with a seriously pissed-off puppy in my arms that just wouldn't stop wailing. Poor doc, my nervous maid wouldn't quit banging on the door until everyone inside the house woke-up. I was too nervous to stay so I left early and went home. I'm still waiting for the call. I hope to God my puppy's okay.

I love my puppy!

Update: My puppy is fine but she's being a complete bitch. Her puppies are tiny but they are very adorable! Sent them all back to the vet though because I'm too stupid to take care of them. I'm excited to see them a bit grown-up -so we can all go shopping! (Even Lex has a new jumpsuit! lol!)


Mister said...

Congratulations Danielle,
You're a Grandmother now. LOL.
I bet your hands are going to be full taking care of the puppies.

Mister Ghost said...

Wow, your dog has a jumpsuit.
I laughed when I read that.
You really love your Lex.
You're being too harsh on
yourself, though. I'm sure you
could take care of the puppies,
if it came to that. But as a fashion designer, you could design fashion wear for dogs and make a fortune.