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Friday, July 6, 2007

The "Al Ameriki tribe".

Victor Davis Hanson: "Dick Cheney and George Bush are demonized as more the real threats for trying to stop al Qaeda than al Qaeda is for trying to wipe us out."
Yes, people. Al-Q is trying to Islamize (is there such a word?) so-called Muslim lands across the world- India, Philippines, Gaza, etc. -then destroy the Great Satan that is the West. Still, people want to quit the war on terror and blame the whole thing on George Bush (what about the past victims of Islamic terrorists, hey? Do we simply forget about them now?). I am actually tired of hearing people complain about George Bush. I can only hope that history will redeem his reputation one day.

Photo: Military Motivator.

Another great journal entry from Michael Yon. It's the latest news from Iraq, and it seems the Iraqi people are finally warming up to the American soldiers- or, in their view, "Al Ameriki tribe"! Yes, it seems that some folks from Baquba no longer see the proud and brave young lads as invaders, occupiers, or warmongers for oil- but as another tribe altogether that they can run to and depend on. I bet CNN will find a way to make the situation in Iraq appear even more hopeless, just to appease Nancy Pelosi and the gang. It is frustrating, really! I, for one, am well aware of the threat of terrorism. It does not only happen on European and American soil (just 9/11- been safe since, hey?), but in Asia and Africa as well. And who do these governments call on when they need someone to bomb a terrorist or two? As with the case of Somalia and the Philippines, they turn to the U.S. military. Because no one else is willing enough, or powerful enough to rise against such a threat. Still, quite a lot of people choose to view terrorism as a "bumper-sticker" (hallo, Johnny!).

Please read the latest dispatch from Michael Yon- and find comfort in the fact that things in Iraq are getting better. The Iraqi people are resilient, strong people.(Except for the fucked-up ones, who are all getting killed/captured anyway.)

Such adorable children. I hope they will be able to make positive contributions to their country one day. They owe it to those who have fought and died for their future; including the valiant soldiers from their own country. Too much noble American and Iraqi blood have been shed on the hot, merciless earth of Iraq. I hope those who remain will make themselves worthy of such a colossal sacrifice of human life.