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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Grrrr....Angry Muslims.

Great point on Islamophobia. I don't see why people are getting all worked-up on it. I think after 9/11, the London bombings, the Bali bombings, the Danish cartoon controversy, countless suicide bombers, fatwas, fourteen beheaded Philippine marines (who were also tortured, and two had their genitals cut off), etc., it makes perfect sense why some people are afraid of offending Islam. Terrorism has badly damaged the image of Islam, and the funny thing is, not enough Muslims are doing anything about it. It seems that each time a terrorist act occurs (i.e. failed London car bombings), majority of the Muslims simply keep silent about it. Yet when Salman Rushdie was issued a knighthood, Muslims across the globe chanted- yet again -for his death. If fed-up Muslims in Iraq can stand-up to al-Qaeda, why can't moderate Muslims in the West do the same? Silence is quite damning, don't you know. The least they can do is pick-up a damn anti-suicide-bombing/beheading/whatever protest sign to let their voices be heard. If they ever did such a thing in the past, well I didn't notice it. (Yes, I'm ignorant!)
I'm also tired of the comparisons being made between Christians and Muslims. Not to say that the other is better, but when radical Muslims called for the Pope's death, nobody blew themselves up over it. I can only imagine what radical Muslims will do if a "small" group of Christians called for a cleric's death. When Pope John Paul was shot by a crazy kid, he forgave the shooter. When the Danish Muhammad Cartoon controversy erupted, people were actually killed.

So... no wonder.

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