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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Been a while!

Been busy with work, but finally filed a few vacay leaves around Decmber... so I can't wait for that! This whole Occupy Wall Street protest is a bit messed-up, don't you think? While I understand the frustration, beheading bankers isn't going to solve anything. It'll probably make things worse. Besides, half of them probably support Obummer.

So duh.

Anyway, this is really sad. As a true blue Catholic chick, I find it upsetting. And I totally don't buy the whole But the gangs are using the rosary as their symbol! thing. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

We actually have an "occupy" movement in our small city in Canada. It's hard to believe their argument. The reality is.....if you can't make it in Canada, you can't make it anywhere. Much like the U.S., these occupiers are largely a bunch of losers who want to seize the wealth of successful people. The losers would like the government to do this on their behalf.

I think the media is making the protests a much larger thing than they are. Thankfully these people don't have much of a focus and are incoherent at best. It's going to fizzle out.