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Monday, August 15, 2011

Victoria's Secret Amber Romance Shimmer Lotion

I love me some Amber Romance. It's seriously my favorite scent from Victoria's Secret. I love anything and everything that smells and tastes like vanilla! I know it gives some people a huge headache, but not me!

I really love this lotion. It smells good and doesn't feel sticky at all. It disappears right into your skin and keeps you moisturized for a long time. The scent stays on for hours which I find really amazing.(More after the jump!)

The "shimmer" came in chunks of gold glitter.

As for the shimmering part, it isn't as subtle as I had hoped. In fact, I could see and feel chunky gold glitter on my skin upon application, which was mildly irritating. Some of the glitter would also stick to my clothes, but a few stayed put for a long period of time. Still, I love this product. Call me crazy, but imma get more when I run out!