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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Update: George W Bush's Budget Comparisons

You know I'm amazed by this. Obama is such a poor Commander-in-Chief, he's got troops in Afghanistan worrying about their pay! They should not be worrying about this! They have sacrificed so much to protect two fragile democracies in the Middle East, not to mention the one back home, and now they might not even get paid?! From Yahoo News:
...The top question on their minds Saturday even as bombings rocked the city around them, was one the top U.S. military officer couldn't answer.

Will we get paid?
George W Bush always had the troops on his mind, even when the economy was tanking. If he were still President, I have no doubt he would do everything in his power to prevent the troops from feeling demoralized. A quote from his book below:

"Amid the economic growth, I was mindful that the country was running deficits. I took my responsibility to be a good fiscal steward seriously... As a wartime president, I told them I had two priorities: protecting the homeland and supporting our troops, both in combat and as veterans. Beyond those areas, we submitted budgets that slowed the growth of discretionary spending every year of my presidency. For the last five years, my budgets held this spending growth below the rate of inflation- in real terms, a cut."

-George Bush from his book, Decision Points
From Decision Points

Reagan: 81-88
Spending to GDP: 22.4 %
Taxes to GDP: 18.2 %
Deficit to GDP: 4.2 %
Debt to GDP: 34.9 %

Bush 41: 89-92
Spending to GDP: 21.9 %
Taxes to GDP: 17.9 %
Deficit to GDP: 4.0 %
Debt to GDP: 44.0 %

Clinton: 93-00
Spending to GDP: 19.8 %
Taxes to GDP: 19.0 %
Deficit to GDP: 0.8 %
Debt to GDP: 44.9 %

GWB The AWESOME: 01-08
Spending to GDP: 19.6 %
Taxes to GDP: 17.6 %
Deficit to GDP: 2.0 %
Debt to GDP: 36.0 %


Anonymous said...

This is brutal. There's enough money in the federal reserve to pay everyone. That's what its there for. Obama is just trying to fear monger so he can shift blame to the Republicans. As far as I know, the only way pay can be withheld is by direct order of the President. I believe it's constitutional law. This is just a cheap ploy to help his re-election. No wonder the military dislikes him.