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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain, Palin, President Bush's Legacy.

Is it just me or was McCain a much better communicator when he was running in the primaries, doing small townhall meetings and such things? He even did well in the debate- he seemed more genuine. Now he's just speechifying and not doing a very good job at it. When he gave a speech about the economy at a rally yesterday, he was clearly reading off a piece of paper. Meh. At least he's not a crazy radical like Barry O., but dear God, even with the cooped-up Mrs. Palin on the ticket, I'm still gonna miss GWB and Cheney. I'm sorry folks, but I find them more genuine than the Mavericks. And I still think D. Cheney is the coolest veep ever. Even my new would've-been-idol Sarah Palin (please do more interviews!) can't come close to him.
Anyway I hope Mrs. Palin gets out there more, because she's being smeared left and right and can't seem to defend herself. She should do the rounds in talk shows, but I understand she's still not prepared. Sigh. Well, according to HotAir, her favorables are declining. And Shrillary Clinton freaked out of an anti-Iran rally because Sarah Palin will be there. lol! I bet Hussein O. had something to do with that. Crazy Barry.

George W. Bush’s True Legacy
By Mario Goveia

As the George Bush presidency comes to an end it may help to put on the record his many epic accomplishments which have been so distorted by his political adversaries. Throughout it all, President Bush and the Bush family have been unfailingly civil and courteous to their worst domestic adversaries, like the Kennedy family and the civil rights leadership, almost to a fault, while the Kennedy’s, the civil rights leaders and those on the left continue to try and demonize him with the most vicious calumnies and personal slurs any modern president has been labled with. Yet George Bush smiles, keeps his cool, and wins almost all his political battles.

...With the delay in deciding the election the Bush administration had to scramble to catch up because the economy had declined since the fourth quarter of 2000, which Bush approached by proposing cutting income tax rates and capital gains tax rates in his first budget, which was largely approved to begin October 1, 2001.

Well, we were attacked on 9/11/2001 before Bush and his administration had any time to get their hands around the rot in our defense and intelligence foundations from the feckless Clinton administration, which had, throughout the 90s refused to consider Al Qaeda as terrorists and considered them only as criminals who had all the due process protections in the US Constitution. The success of the attack sent the already slow US economy reeling.

...Not only had the Clinton administration puffed up their budget surpluses by cutting defense and intelligence spending to 3% of GDP, but they had raised the information-sharing “wall” between the CIA and the FBI and had banned US intelligence operatives from gathering intel from folks they considered “unsavory”, the very people who have access to unique sources even though their information has to always be thoroughly vetted.

To make matters worse, Bill Clinton had refused THREE attempts by Sudan to hand over Osama Bin Laden to the US as documented by the go-between, Pakistani businessman and journalist Mansoor Ijaz. Clinton claimed that he did not have any probable couse to hold Bin Laden, even though Al Qaeda had already claimed responsibility for several attacks on US interests including the World Trade Center in 1993, the coordinated bombings of hotels in Kenya and Tanzania, and the Khobar T
owers in Saudi Arabia.

Then, after Bin Laden left Sudan and went to Afghanistan, Clinton refused to give the CIA the approval to shoot when they had him in their sights THIRTEEN times because of concerns for collateral damage, and this has been documented by the CIA agent in charge of finding Bin Laden prior to 2003, Michael Scheuer.

Fortunately the massive tax rate cuts that Bush had pushed through between 2002 and 2003, with help from the Republicans who controlled both houses of Congress turned the economy around and caused tax revenues to skyrocket. We had seven years of moderate growth with low inflation until the current slowdown as part of a seven year business cycle. While the economy is in the doldrums, we are not even in a recession yet based on traditional criteria.

...Little noticed among the sturm and drang of politics and the ongoing media bias is that Bush’s education reforms have turned the US public school system around and minority school kids are experiencing historically high grades and passing rates, in spite of the powerful teachers unions which resist any attempts at quality control in education.

Bush-supported programs to encourage poor people to own their own homes has caused the highest level of minority home ownership in history.

Bush-supported vocational initiatives are retraining workers laid off from declining and obsolete industries preparing them for growing industries of the future, like energy.

Bush implemented a $15 BILLION 10-year-plan to help in the worldwide fight against HIV/AIDS, in mostly poor and tropical countries. Recently he added $48 BILLION on top of that and included TB and malaria to the plan. Yet he continues to be excoriated by African leaders like Nelson Mandela, who worship Bill Clinton who did NOTHING for Africa when he was president - other than apologize for long past atrocities like slavery to correct the effects of which the US has spent BILLIONS in reparations in the form of welfare programs and other taxpayer-funded assistance administered by a small army of “community organizers”.

America has earned some respect among previously hostile Indonesians in the aftermath of the deadly tsunamis of a few years ago when Americans were first on the scene with tangible assistance. Covered up by most in the heavily anti-Bush media was that it was Bush who ordered an aircraft carrier on its way to the war in Iraq diverted to help the devastated Indonesians.

Because of Bush, 50 million Muslims who were previously oppressed and brutalized by Muslim tyrants are well on their way to freedom and democracy, peace and prosperity in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iraq now has a budget surplus and is paying for most of it’s own expenses, un-reported by most of the anti-Bush media.

If the Taliban in Afghanistan and a small number of Shia and Sunni extremists in Iraq had not decided to kill innocent civilians and each other in order to thwart the people’s expressed desire for democracy, the war would have been over long ago, and reconstruction well on its way as we saw in Italy, Germany and Japan after World War II.

Because of Bush’s brilliant foreign policy strategies, Libya and N. Korea have given up their hostility and nuclear weapons plans and rejoined the community of nations, without a shot being fired. Only a rampant Iran remains to be dealt with, and a Russia that is quickly regressing to its totalitarian past. Once again, while the Europeans have the most to lose, somehow the world somehow takes it for granted that it is the US that is responsible for dealing with such global threats. Then when we confront the threats, their drumbeat of criticism begins, almost in unison. Oh, well, that’s why it is so important for the US to continue to be a superpower and the only global bulwark against tyranny.

...Because of Bush’s increased domestic intelligence and internal defense programs Al Qaeda has been unable to attack the US mainland since 9/11/2001 in spite of Bin Laden’s regular threats to do so. No one in 2001-2002 expected Al Qaeda to be unable to attack the US mainland again. History will give the credit to George Bush without whose stubborn cowboy resolve in the face of withering opposition from the Democrats and the entire left wing worldwide, none of this would have been possible.

Read the whole article here.

This is one of the reasons why I hate some conservatives as much as liberals. Republicans rarely stood up for him when he was being trashed by the media, and some even went so far as to join the good ol' bashing. The GOP Convention was a miserable one because they refused to honor the man who sacrificed so much for the good of America. I guess it really is all up to history.


T-Bagg said...

History will bask George W. Bush in a far better light than the MSM and ignorant masses would have us see him.