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Thursday, July 17, 2008

MAKE-UP: Why I want to go to Japan.

So next week, or if time does not permit, maybe next, next week, I am planning to splurge on make-up. It's long overdue! Sure, in the past week I bought a couple of products here and there, but never went all-out! Instead, I directed all my financial resources to skincare. lol! It's more important than make-up after all, but now that I've got that settled, I can re-focus all my energy on finding the right make-up foundation, hauling in all the great new products from MAC and Lancome, and hunting down old favorites from NARS (cream eyeshadows), Dior (lippies, shimmer!), Maybelline (back-ups!), and L'Oreal (eyeshadow palettes!). I have got to find the perfect foundation! I think Estee Lauder's Double Wear Light will be the Holy Grail of all foundations, but until I've tried it, I can't be too sure. I've heard mostly positive reviews on it, but I still remember some of my raved-about Chanel/Lancome and even Clinique products being a complete let-down. Anyway, here is one good reason why I want to go to Japan:

Funky make-up!

That's from Maybelline Japan's Angelfit collection which is formulated for Asian skin. I love the pink and silver theme- it's visually orgasmic. Make-up brands from Asia are really good- I hope they take on the global market soon because flying over to Hong Kong or South Korea just to get your hands on some phytogenic pressed powder is not cool.

Could you be my Holy Grail?