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Friday, July 18, 2008


For some cruel, retarded, and extremely unforgivable reason, my t-zone is oilier than usual. I so want to die now. My once-beloved L'Oreal True Match now feels like goo melting off my face! My 7 Signs Serum can no longer handle the job of keeping my make-up together, so I may have to switch foundations earlier than I anticipated. I just wish I could blow off work, but nooo, I am being overworked this week! Pfft. That's okay, hard work comes with a lotta moolah. A lotta moolah means SHOPPING SPREEES! Anyway I may have to consider two new products in my search for the Holy Grail of all Foundations:

According to Lancome's website, something called "New Liquid Perfect Shine Catchers" will absorb shine for 12 hours. Or "from morning until night"! I don't believe it for one second but "New Liquid Perfect Shine Catchers" sounds so cool that I just may have to flutter over to a Lancome counter and DEMAND for this earth-defying product of heavenly miracles! It also has sun protection, which is nice, but nothing beats Shiseido in that department. Anyway, Lancome also has a shine control make-up base called the Maquibase Shine Control, and I'm thinking of getting that too. 'Cause they match. :P

It's also worth mentioning that the lovely ladies over at Make-up Alley rated this product a cool 100%! Yes, all four of them!