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Friday, July 4, 2008

MAKE-UP: Inexpensive Lipgloss Edition

So who do I run to when I run out of Chanel? Here is my emergency back-up!

Maybelline Shine Seduction. Amazing how so few websites seem to be selling this product. It's not that bad of a product, it's actually pretty popular. It's a sheer gloss that comes in several different shades. It has a non-sticky feel to it, but the shimmer ingredient in the product makes your lips feel gritty. When you rub your lips together it feels like sandpaper! Alright, maybe that's taking it a bit too far, but you get what I mean! Yet Maybelline claims that "aqua-botanicals and Vitamin E keep lips kissably soft and smooth". I don't think the "kissably soft and smooth" part holds up quite well, but it does give your puckers a mega-watt shine.Around 7 dollars.

L'Oreal Glam Shine Lipcolour.Coats your lips with a lot of dazzle, for sure! It feels smooth on the lips as well, which is always a huge plus, and the shades are pretty gorgeous. Unfortunately it has a weird scent- it's not your typical lipgloss scent (which is suppose to be delicious!), it actually smells a little chemical to me. Still, it has a decent staying power. Unfortunately, it claims to "re-plump" your lips with a unique micro-crsytal technology- whatever the heck that is -but I never felt any of that tingly lip-plumping action that I know so well from actual lip plumpers! I didn't get that gorgeous Angelina Jolie pout from this gloss either, so I doubt it really works as a lip plumper. But if you love glitter more than shine and some pout, then this one's for you. Around 10 dollars

Bloom's high-shine lipgloss! I like their glossies, even if they tend to be quite sticky. Great shine comes with great scent, so I don't mind the stickyness. My favorite is Pink,pink and Raspberry. It's not a lip plumper, so don't expect an extra pout, but it makes a good lipgloss! It also comes in eighteen ultra-glam shades so you have a good collection to choose from. $22.

CoverGirl Wetslicks Original. Not exactly the greatest lipgloss out there, but it's true to its non-sticky word! It glides on smoothly and comes with great sparkle. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long, and I'm afraid each time I put it on the liquid will just melt away from my lips and spread onto my cheeks. Weird, I know, but it just doesn't have that staying power. Smells reeeally good though (especially Peaches N Gleam!).$5.99