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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


From the website: Handcrafted from Texas mesquite, finished in solid sterling silver, and featuring the laser-engraved signature of the Chief Executive, President George W. Bush. Refillable.

OMG! Imma get my daddy this! It's the George W. Bush signature pen, and it sure beats out my beloved late grandfather's Cartier fountain pen collection! Plus, it's mucho cheaper- only $79.95! I love it! Gee, I should just buy one for myself- I love GWB more than my daddy does! lol! I wish the George W. Bush store had girly W shirts, tumblers, pens, and whatnot available for fashion-conscious women such as myself! I mean, I wouldn't mind owning a pink W t-shirt or a pink W tumbler- heck, I will proudly show it off! But yeah, after this President leaves office, I wouldn't clunk down any money for a McCain or Obama store. Pfft. (But I must admit I kind of like the McCain bumper stickers!)

McCain Store