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Thursday, June 26, 2008

MAKE-UP: I love my mineral make-up!

I haven't been blogging much 'cause I'm busy with work and stuff. Anyway, Mini-Me has a sex tape out! That is just... seriously gross. The guy who got his hands on the Paris Hilton sex tape is now planning to sell Mini-Me's homemade porno. I don't imagine anyone itching to grab it! It's just too icky!

Anyway I am seriously obsessing over my L'Oreal True Match Mineral Powder. The brush is worthless, like I said, but the coverage is very good. I am now officially obsessed with this not-so-new trend! I even found a great blog dedicated to writing reviews on various mineral products. Sadly, there is no review to educate us more about L'Oreal's True Match Mineral Powder (about the ingredients included in making the product and whatnot), but at least I now know I should stay away from Maybelline's Mineral Powder Loose Foundation. According to the site, it offers little coverage and contains a bunch of unnecessary ingredients. So for now, I'm sticking with L'Oreal.

And oh, remember when I said Revlon's mineral blush sucks like crazy? It's still sort of true- I still hate Revlon (ColorStay usually never works on me!) - but I must admit that, after using their mineral blush a wee bit more, I've warmed up to it. The blush does stay on for a loooong time: More than eight hours of sweat, nerves, and stress- and the rouge on my cheeks have not faded a bit! It's still a mess to use, though. But at least I no longer regret buying this product at all. It sure as hell beats Neutrogena's mineral blush. That one was a waste of moolah.

Okay so you know what I'm excited about? Bobbi Brown's Mauve Collection! I'm so splurging on it!

I love neutrals with a kick and this collection is it. I'm especially excited to get my hands on their glossies! I've heard all about Black Pearl and, from the tube, it looks like a scary pearlized gray lipgloss. But according to Beauty Addict it looks "sheer purple nude" when applied to the lips. Whatever that means!