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Monday, March 24, 2008

US Troops kill 17 terrorists including six likely suicide bombers

Coalition forces kill 17 terrorists including six likely suicide bombers, detain 30 suspects

BAGHDAD – Coalition forces killed 17 terrorists and detained 30 suspected terrorists during operations targeting al-Qaeda in Iraq in central and northern parts of the country Saturday and today.

Coalition forces conducted an operation Saturday near the Hamrin Mountains, targeting weapons facilitators and associates of AQI leadership. Intelligence reports led the assault force to the targeted suspect’s location, where five individuals failed to comply with Coalition forces’ instructions or heed warnings. Perceiving hostile intent, Coalition forces engaged the armed men with small arms fire, killing them. Secondary explosions from a vehicle following the initial engagement indicated explosives or weapons were inside.

Coalition forces killed 12 terrorists today during an operation east of Baqouba, targeting members of a suicide bombing network. The ground force was attacked with small arms fire as they approached the target building. Responding to the hostile threat, Coalition forces engaged five armed men, killing them. The ground force ordered the occupants to come out of the building. Some complied, but others remained inside. Coalition forces entered the building and were fired upon by several armed men. Seven more terrorists were killed in the engagement, and Coalition forces detained five suspects on the scene. Assault weapons, ammunition, grenades and military-style assault vests discovered on site were safely destroyed. Six of the terrorists killed had shaved their bodies, which is consistent with final preparation for suicide operations.

Coalition forces continued to target the terrorist bombing network in southwest Baghdad this morning, capturing a suspected bombing facilitator, who allegedly specializes in the distribution of homemade explosives. After he identified himself as the targeted suspect, the man led Coalition forces to four other wanted individuals, who were also detained.

In Mosul today, Coalition forces conducted a precision operation in which they captured an alleged terrorist leader suspected of carrying out attacks against Iraqi and Coalition forces. In a nearby operation, the ground force detained three suspected terrorists while targeting associates of AQI senior leaders.

Coalition forces captured an alleged associate of AQI senior leaders and three other suspected terrorists this morning in Tikrit. On two occasions during the operation, vehicles sped toward the security perimeter. After using visual signals, Coalition forces fired a warning shot. In one incident, the vehicle turned around and left; the other vehicle stopped, and the driver ran away. There were no injuries reported in either incident.

Two coordinated operations today in the Tigris River Valley targeted AQI’s propaganda network. Northwest of Tikrit, Coalition forces detained six suspected terrorists, and west of Samarra, six additional suspects were detained.

“Though Iraqi and Coalition forces have captured and killed a substantial number of terrorists in operations like these, al-Qaeda in Iraq is still lethal, and a tough fight remains ahead,” said Maj. Winfield Danielson, MNF-I spokesman. “We are committed to this fight and to improving public safety and security for all Iraqis.”

other news:
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The headline:

US Deaths in Iraq Approach 4,000

Odd headline, isn’t it? I mean, they’ve been “approaching” 4,000 since, oh, 3,900 was reached…why put this out now? And why not wait for 4,000?

My guess is that the good news is coming out of Iraq all too rapidly these days and that public opinion in the US is turning towards continued support for the long-haul…and that, of course, will damage Democratic prospects in 2008. So, change the subject - use dead American servicemember’s as a prop in a leftwing morality play, courtesy of the supposedly unbiased MSM.

Of course, the loss of life is a sad thing - but the problem with concentrating on numbers like that is that it fails to put into context just what they died for. Its not like they were killed in a traffic accident just on their way home from work, now is it? Here is some of what they’ve been doing lately:

Tip leads Iraqi National Police to large munitions cache

Coalition forces kill 17 terrorists including six likely suicide bombers, detain 30 suspects

Suspected IED emplacers attacked in vicinity of Samarra

One terrorist killed, 21 detained in operations against al-Qaeda

Plenty to write about - and plenty which is interesting, newsworthy and likely to generate readership/viewership. Why write about the number of dead rather than write about the actual war? Can anyone find a headline from, say, June of 1944 which says that “US Deaths in Europe Approach 200,000″, rather than talking about what the troops were doing?


Anonymous said...

Good work guys. keep wearin' them down.

4000 dead in five years. I almost think the networks report casualties like lottery numbers. It's not their intention but they will do anything to erode support for the war. Can you imagine If this kind of media existed during Vietnam? .....35,000 killed in four years of fighting. Perspective is everything. How about Clinton's Somolia line?....."We won't put troops in harm's way if we chance losing more than twenty soldiers". How about asking what you risk instead if you are not willing to do so?

How come the media doesnt have a running total of taliban and terrorists that have been killed?

A couple of years ago the Canadian forces fought a major action against the Taliban and slaughtered them. The new services in Canada hardly covered it. More stories like this exist but we just don't hear them.


Sweetface24 said...

I know, right?! The media should be trumpeting the troops' successes against the terrorists, but they just don't want to. And it's sad that we don't get to hear more 'bout the great things the Canadians and Brits have done. I only hear about them from Michael Yon!
Yknow what pisses me off? I remember seeing an article from Reuters that referred to the 9/11 terrorists as "al-Qaeda MILITANTS". That just pissed me off, but it made me more sad than anything. It scares me to even think about how they'll twist history in the future.