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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

President Bush tapdancing!

I saw this vid on Pat Dollard's site... OMG, so funny!! Now here's another reason why I love good ol' GWB- he's a riot!! Now imagine a President Hussein or a President Hitlery doin' that... I bet ya can't because those two are just too lame and too fake to pull off something like this.

I don't believe Socialists/Commies are very fun people... they're always so miserable and depressed! Just take a look at the FARC rebels, or think back to the gloomy days of the Old Soviet Union: Everything about them, about their past, is very negative- heck, even the Russians of today hardly crack a smile. And y'know, I can't stand it when people have such a gloomy outlook on life, or have such confound bitterness for the world: The world is still a very beautiful place; Each day it gives birth to new miracles, new lives, new journeys. It's one of the reasons why I think God totally rocks.



Anonymous said...

Hey! He's got rhythm.

Self-loathing, leftist, would-be
presidential candidates don't.

GWB rules!


Sweetface24 said...

Hahaha he's not exactly the best dancer out there, but I bet he can out-stomp Hussein and Hitlery!