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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Obama on Fox News!

Gee, Obama looks pretty uncomfortable.
Click on the link above to hear another round of incoherent answers from Hussein!

More hate-mongering from Obama's mentor. This is really shocking... I cannot understand how Obama can stand by this man. I understand that he has a deep affection for Rev. Wright, being somewhat of an uncle figure to him and all, but Rev. Wright's message of hate has greatly diminished Obama's credibility. So much for "Hope&Change".

... And check it out, Pro-Clinton Bloggers Boycott Kos. Seems like the Liberals are falling apart. Yay.

other news:
McCain makes unexpected visit to Iraq!
Vice-President Cheney to visit Mideast! xoxo
McCain eyes statesman's image, Obama under fire


MarkDu said...

Stay on top of the Reverend Wright revelations, Sweetface. This is how we chip away at Obama's sugary shell to reveal the rotten egg core within. Obama made a very well written and orated condemnation of the Reverend, but once again if the voter uses their brain for something more than a hat rack, it's not hard to come to the conclusion that Obama's actions speak loudest. He chose the Reverend Wright as his pastor for twenty years and gave thousands of dollars to his church. I don't care if it's Obama himself who is the racist or his wife. I don't want anyone in the Whitehouse who would allow a man like Reverend Wright to rewrite history. There is a place for people like him, it's called Liberia. God bless America and all the people who love it.

Sweetface24 said...

Hopefully nobody falls for Obama's lies anymore. He's been hyped-up by the media but now the truth is slowly trickling out, and more and more people are learning about it. All Obama has are words... But what do his records show?

Plus his mentor is an anti-American black supremacist... or something.