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Sunday, March 2, 2008

From The Thoughtful Dresser: In Memoriam

Thought for the Day

"My dear, I had to laugh," she said. "D'you know what a man said to me the other day? It's funny, he said, have you ever thought that a girl's clothes cost more than the girl inside them?' 'What a swine of a man, ' I said. 'Yes, that's what I told him,' Maudie said. That isn't the way to talk,' I said. And he said, "Well, it's true, isn't it? You can get a very nice girl for five pounds. a very nice girl indeed; you can even get a very nice girl for nothing if you know how to go about it. But you can't get a very nice costume for five pounds. To say nothing of underclothes, shoes etcetera, and so on." And then I had to laugh, because after all it's true, isn't it? People are much cheaper than things.

Ipswich Murder Investigation

Gemma Adams, aged 25, born in Kesgrave and living in Ipswich, disappeared on 15 November at about 01.15 (UTC). Her body was found on 2 December, in a river at Hintlesham; she was the first of the victims to be found. Adams was found naked, in a brook, but had not been sexually assaulted. As a child, Adams had been a popular girl among friends and her affluent family, but as a teenager she started smoking cannabis and eventually started taking harder drugs, becoming addicted to heroin. She had been working as a prostitute to cover the cost of her drug addiction, which had already led to her being dismissed from her job with an insurance firm.

Tania Nicol, aged 19, from Ipswich, disappeared on 30 October and was reported missing on 1 November. Nicol was found 8 December near Copdock Mill in a river; there was no evidence of sexual assault. She was the first of the victims to be reported missing and the second body to be found. Nicol, the youngest of the five victims, had been working as a prostitute to fund her addiction to heroin and cocaine.

Annette Nicholls, aged 29, a mother of one from Ipswich, disappeared on 5 December at 21.50. Nicholls' body was found on 12 December near Levington, naked but not sexually assaulted. Her body was one of those posed in the cruciform position. Nicholls, the oldest victim, had been a drug addict since the early 2000's, when she was completing a beautician's course at Suffolk College. Soon afterwards, she had started working as a prostitute to fund her addiction.

Anneli Alderton, aged 24, a mother of one who was in the early stages of pregnancy, had been living at a temporary address in Colchester, Essex. Alderton disappeared on 3 December and was last seen on the 17.53 train from Harwich to Manningtree. Alderton got off the train at Manningtree at 18.15 before going on to Ipswich via another train, arriving at 18.43. Alderton's body was found on 10 December near Nacton, in woodland in front of Amberfield School. Alderton had been asphyxiated and was found naked, and also posed in the cruciform position, Alderton had been addicted to drugs since shortly after her father's death from lung cancer in 1998

Paula Clennell, aged 24, mother of three children, born in Northumberland and living in Ipswich, disappeared on 10 December in Ipswich at approximately 00.20. Clennell's body was found on 12 December near Levington on the same day as Nicholls'. Clennell was found naked but not sexually assaulted and a post mortem reported that she had been killed by a compression of her throat. Prior to her death Clennell commented on the then recent murders in an interview with Anglia News, stating that despite them making her "a bit wary about getting into cars" she continued to work as "I need the money." Clennell's three children had all been taken into care due to her drug addiction. Clennell herself had spent some of her childhood in a referral unit, and it was shortly after being placed there that she started taking drugs.