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Thursday, March 13, 2008

FASHION: Thomas Wylde Belted Strapless Dress

Ohmahgawd. This silk dress is soo... well I was about to say "purdy", but bloody scorpions aren't exactly... well, purdy. But still!! There's something awesome about this dress even if it reminds me of a tent. Maybe it's the bold scorpion print or the elasticized belt, or maybe it's the flawless silk fabric... whatever it may be, this Thomas Wylde dress, at least at first glance, is undeniably striking.


Thomas Wylde Belted Strapless Dress at E-Luxury

Here's a crazy-lookin' Thomas Wylde bag to match it! (How rock and roll is this??)


Thomas Wylde Cleopatra Large Tassel Tote
Check out the scorpion print lining!