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Monday, March 10, 2008

FASHION: Herve Leger Adelisa strapless dress

I'm not into canary yellow, but this dress is to die for! It's by Kim Kardashian's favorite designer, Herve Leger. I think bandage dresses are sexy especially when it's worn by a curvy woman; After all, its sole purpose is to show-off your hard-earned hour-glass figure! The Marilyn Monroe body is finally making a huge comeback and the dreaded heroin-chic look is out- So feel free to stuff yourself with sloppy fries and double cheeseburgers!
Anyway, according to Bagsnob.Com, this dress can hold everything in because of its many hidden panels. For that reason alone, this dress has gone five notches up my must-have list! I seriously gotta have it!


Herve Leger Adelisa strapless dress at Net-A-Porter

Anyway I changed the top graphic on my page. Got bored and manipulated a few images using Photoshop. Yes, I'm a total rookie when it comes to nerdy stuff, but I'm working on becoming a full-fledge computer nerd someday!! Anyway check out the original images from a Vogue France photoshoot -they're breathtaking.


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