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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Aspinal of London bags!

Isn't this absolutely stunning? This handmade laptop case comes in purple, as you can see, and it is made out of croc leather. There is also enough room and pockets inside for you to stuff all your office things in, and the handles are long enough to let you carry it over your shoulder instead of lugging it around all day with your tired hands.
If purple is not your favorite color, the bag also comes in ascot pink (a fancy term for baby pink I guess!) and it is made out of jewel calf. It has a smooth surface and looks more simple. If you're not into girly colors, the bag also comes in black, white and brown, but they are not as glamorous or as pretentious (depends on how you look at it!) as the purple croc leather bag. It costs around three hundred bucks which is, without a doubt, a lot of money... but hey! Keep it in your must-have list anyway in case you win the lottery someday. There's also the Aspinal Bijou Organizer- also made out of purple croc leather -to match this divine laptop bag!

This is another Aspinal bag that I like. It's called the Aspinal Mayfair Bag and it became an instant classic in the mid-1950s when Grace Kelly (Princess Grace!) carried one on her wedding day. You can also count the Queen of England as one of its famous fans... I guess that's the reason why there's something so royal about this tote!

There's nothing revolutionary about this bag -it's actually very simple if you compare it to one of Marc Jacobs' crazy (lamea$$) creations. But it's the timelessness of it that appeals to bag-crazy females such as myself.

The Mayfair bag comes in other colors, such as black, brown, purple, grey and red, but it's the blue one that stands out. I just love how intense it looks on patent croc calf leather. Hmmm... the grey one doesn't look so bad either...


Anonymous said...

Last year i was lucky enough to have a choice of choosing a handbag and accesories from aspinal.

After a couple of weeks things started to undo, fall off,zips ect.

Rather than send them back i too it (the paris bag) to them menders who fixed it.

ever since something would ware,key rings would break,zips fall off.

In short i would not recomend the quality of most of aspinal products.. made in Turkey.