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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another battle to win.

From PatDollard.Com: Full War With Al-Sadr is ON!

Earlier reports have indicated that the battle that has broken out with the Mahdi Army for the last two days was an operation that Al Sadr was tacitly okay with, and was sitting on the sidelines. The reports that I’m getting from a variety of high-placed military and other sources in Bahdad and elsewhere are indicating otherwise. A decision was made a long time ago that Al Sadr would not be allowed to run a shadow government in Iraq, and the problem was further complicated by the fact that it became increasingly unclear as to which Shiite factions were true followers of Al Sadr and follwing his ceasefire, and which were really just extensions of Irans’ Revolutionary Guard. Completely frustrated with trying to wade through this very byzantine and very violent mess, Maliki and Petraeus mutually decided to launch an offensive against ALL meaningful Shiite gangs ( so-callled militias ) in Iraq and neutralize them once and for all. The great hope is that the big fat cowardly Al Sadr will sneak back in from Iran, and the cooalition forces will kill him. He does not know it, very few do, but the coalition has a price on Al Sadr’s head. They feel he must be relegted to the garbage dump of history, and the great battle has now begun. Developing…


Anonymous said...

This is a good idea. The plan will really work well if the shiite gangs decide to go "toe to toe" with U.S. forces for the long haul.