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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mass demonstrations and Katie Holmes.

Iraqis stage mass demonstrations against al-Qaeda
BAGHDAD (AP) - Villagers paraded empty coffins at mock funerals near Baghdad on Thursday, in protest of al-Qaida in Iraq attacks that killed as many as 45 people in a single village in recent months. Hundreds of residents and Muslim sheiks from Dwelah, a Shiite enclave about 45 miles north of Baghdad, held a huge procession in the Bawya area south of the capital because they feared reprisals if they did so in their hometown. Dust blew through crowded streets as men hoisted flag-draped coffins over their heads, chanting, “We remember the victims!” Another rally snaked through thoroughfares in Baghdad’s mixed Karradah neighborhood, where Dwelah residents and their Shiite brethren from the capital demanded more protection from the Iraqi government.
Katie Holmes is no longer human!
Everyone's favorite female Thetan has a new cut! She'd make a great addition to the Spice Girls if only she were a couple of decades older. After all, she and Vicky Beckham have a lot of things in common:
They married rich men
They indulge in high-fashion
They have near-identical bob cuts
They worship Xenu
They insist they have talent

God love 'em!

Poor girl. There is no life left in her eyes. She sold her soul to Tom Cruise!