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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Patriotic Paris.

Paris Hilton gives a shout-out to the troops

Paris Hilton gave a red carpet interview before her Halloween party at LAX last night and said that her super-short army fatigue dress was in honor of our troops. She said “I’m wearing this for the troops because I know they’re having a hard time right now and don’t really get to celebrate Halloween.” It looks like she’s doing that charity work she mentioned on Larry King Live back when she got out of jail.

At least she gave a shout out to the troops serving in Iraq.

Maybe every time Paris wears a slutty outfit she can come up with a creative charitable reason. Like she’s wearing a bikini in honor of the poor refugees who don’t have clothing. That way, she can continue to wear skimpy outfits while promoting various vaguely related causes.

Speaking of Paris and charity in the same breath, her Rwanda trip hasn’t been canceled, just postponed. She told Extra that the trip will be next year. In the mean time all she has to do is continue dressing like a slut and she can feel content that she’s helping save the world.

I sort of like her clothing line for Kitson. God help me. And oh, here's Wilmer Valderrama being a total prick.