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Monday, November 5, 2007

I miss the 90s!

I remember going crazy over the hippest boy bands and girls bands at the time. Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Solid Harmonie- omg, they were so awesome! OK, so Get Down was my favorite Backstreet Boys song, and Nick Carter was my one and only love back then. He's a chubby retard now, probably even infected with one of Paris Hilton's alleged STDs, but in the 90s Nick Carter totally pwned Prince William (I wanted to marry him too!). Here's an old music video from the boys:

Get Down!
Nick Carter looked totally gay here, but in a hot way. Weird, huh?

And let's not forget the crazy make-up tricks from the 90s! Solid Harmonie had the best hooker look, which was the trend back then I suppose. Thick eyeliner, thick lipliner, green eyeshadow, brown lipstick... They ruled! Nice clothes, ladies. Wonder what happened to the fat chick?


Anonymous said...

Check out recent pictures of Nick. Lost LOTS of weight and looks HOT!