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Thursday, October 25, 2007

VIDEO: The 101st Airborne and Their Legacy.

A moving tribute to the 101st Airborne Division, and all the great things they achieved so far: From playing an important role in the liberation of Europe, to liberating Iraqis from Saddam Hussein and now, al-Qaeda, the 101st Airborne Division has a rich history of heroism which has become the enduring hallmark of their legacy.

General David Petraeus appears at the end of the vid!

According to Wikipedia: In 2003, Major General David H. Petraeus ("Eagle 6") led the Screaming Eagles to war during the 2003 invasion of Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom). General Petraeus led the division into Iraq saying, "Guidons, Guidons. This is Eagle 6. The 101st Airborne Division's next Rendezvous with Destiny is North to Baghdad. Op-Ord Desert Eagle 2 is now in effect. Godspeed. Air Assault. Out."