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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Attacking Blackwater.

Now that the good news from Iraq is slowly crawling out of the black pit the mainstream media buried it under, evil liberal meanies have decided to run a hate marathon against Blackwater. Because- get this -Erik Prince is sooo Republican, like omg.

The company's report cites a Dec. 13 letter to Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who became speaker of the House three weeks later. In that letter, Callahan requested that Congress aggressively investigate Blackwater. He told Pelosi that the security contractor is an "extremely Republican" company that put safety behind its quest for war profits.

The murder of those brave Blackwater contractors by monsters from Fallujah is indeed a terrible tragedy. But the arguments presented by Congressional Democrats don't make much sense, especially when you match it up with facts. It was clearly a coordinated ambush and heavier guns would not have been able to stop it.

While calling the deaths "a tragic event," Blackwater says the incident was unavoidable and the guards — former Navy SEALs and Army Rangers — understood the risks of their mission and could have refused to go...

Further evidence of foul play was the nearly four hours that passed before either the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps or Iraqi police began to investigate, according to Blackwater.

Travel in Iraq in unarmored vehicles was common, the company's report says, and Blackwater was not contractually bound to use armored carriers. Even if it had been, "concentrated, proximate AK-47 fire can effectively penetrate" the windows of armored vehicles, the report says.

I wish this tragedy did not happen, and I can only imagine the pain the victims' families are going through, but I must agree with Blackwater on this one. It seems like another Democrat-controlled witchunt, driven by hate for President Bush and Republicans.